We are leading Egyptian Manufacturer exporting olives

Olives  and pickled vegetables in bulk (drums) or in retail packing supplying our customers with high quality products at very competitive prices.

We produce all olive varieties

– In green olives we produce “Manzanilla, Pequal, Siwi and Aguizi”
– In black olives we produce “Natural Black Pequal, Dolce, Kalamata- Black Manzanilla and Hamed Siwi ”
All of these varieties prepared by Natural fermentation & Spanish style.
– In pickles we produce “Pepperoni and Macedonians green peppers, Gardenera, Onions, Lemons, Peppers, Artichokes, Cucumbers and Grape Leaves”

We ship to USA, Spain, Italy, Australia, Greece, Morocco, Armenia, France, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Japan, and Holland. Our customers are big manufacturers or co packers in these countries.

We design our recipes according to Customers’ taste

SFII Mission:

SFII mission is to contribute and place Egyptian olives
in the world olive consumption

SFII Strategy:

SFII strategy to provide quality that meets
international standards for table olives.